1/22/2023, 2:54 AM

Attempting to update the site but omg i am so tired T-T, I want to update some tonight because ill be tired and DEFO tuckered out 2-morrow!

1/21/2023, 4:09 AM

HELLO WORLD! i have finally figured out how im gonna work this blog teehee! oh i should prolly put something here shouldnt i... >.>, well i did buy two kirby nendroids and got my hands on crown zenith (WOW!!) i opened SOME OF THE MOST PRICIEST STUFFZ IN THE SET OMG!!!!! like the mewtwo vstar n giratina vstar!! mann.. i just wanted a mew T.T but ill try to open more soon hehehe, cant wait for scarlet and violet baseset omg!!!!!!